How to add new users to the Magento Cloud panel?

How to add new users to the Magento Cloud panel?

The Magento Cloud panel offers very easy control over the Magento 2 Commerce project. You might be able to control your users, environments, and general configurations easily. In case you can't find the control that you want to use you can try to use the Magento Cloud CLI to add users or the Adobe Support to guide you.

Magento Cloud panel

When you access the main project panel you might see the gear on the left side of the screen, right after the project name.

Magento 2 gear icon to change the Magento Cloud configuration

You might see in the user tab an add button, entering the user email, you will send an invite.

If you don't know the right permission, you can consult the table of restrictions and descriptions in this post.

Define Magento Cloud user restriction via panel

For a project administrator account, select Super User. This role provides Admin rights to all settings and environments. If not selected, the account has only view options for all project environments.\ Select permissions per specific environment (or branch) in the Integration environment:

  • No access
  • Admin (change settings, execute an action, merge code)
  • Contributor (push code), or Reader (view only)

When you add active environments, you can modify permissions per user.

Assign project-level roles

Account ownerProjectPerform any task in any project or environment, including deleting it. Magento assigns this role to the License Owner associated with the email address, name, and information of the person who registered the Magento Commerce Cloud account. You must submit a Magento Support ticket to modify settings or change the Account owner.
SuperuserProjectAdministrator access to all project settings and Cloud environments. Superusers can change settings and perform tasks on any environment, including creating and restoring Magento Cloud and managing users.
Project readerProjectView access to all project environments. Users with this role cannot perform tasks on any environment. However, you can configure environment-level permissions for users with this role to permit write access to a specific environment.
AdminEnvironmentChange settings and perform tasks on an environment, including merging with the parent environment
ContributorEnvironmentPush code and branch the environment
ReaderEnvironmentView-only access to an environment