Olá 👋 Rafael Corrêa Gomes

I work at LeSite as Technology Director, where I’m responsible for lead the technical team to building innovative products.

My passion for building software and sharing knowledge brought me to speak in over 14 conferences and create 21 projects used for more than 20,000 developers in the world. Now, I’m focused on bringing innovation to the e-commerce ecosystem using the Magento 2 platform.

Career philosophy

My main focus is to work with companies that I can acquire knowledge and develops my ability to learn, be efficient, and promotes encouragement and opportunity to grow within the company.

Always worked in companies that captivate me the knowledge I can acquire and by living with great people, I consider each project I participate in as something special that deserves my full dedication, following cherish since its creation, development, finalization, and soon after the customer loyalty for a well-done job and completed term.

For me, career success must be built on a foundation of extensive knowledge and solid fitness on teamwork, respect, ambition, humility, and above all professionalism.